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Rug cleaning can be one of those jobs that you continuously put off until you have no option any more. Avoid reaching this situation by enlisting our highly experienced and professional rug cleaning and rug repair team to take care of it for you. Bring it to our specialist rug cleaning centre where it will receive the tender loving care it needs before being returned to you fresh and clean. For your peace of mind, our technicians are Master Rug Cleaner certified and are responsible for taking every care and precaution in order to prevent any kind of damage. You can also trust us with the cleaning and repair of your delicate oriental rugs. 

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Our process, perfected since 1993

Running a rug  repair and cleaning service has a very slim margin of error, and over the years we have cultivated our process to ensure maximum confidence in our ability from the customer.

  • Before we start, each rug is photographed and a report is made stating its dimensions and the condition it was in upon arrival 
  • We then choose the most appropriate and effective cleaning method
  • We test the rug’s colour-fastness.
  • We dust the rug to remove loose dirt then use full immersion to wash it 
  • Each rug is inspected and any issues that are found are fixed
  • Your fresh and clean rug is then wrapped and prepared for delivery 

Rug cleaning FAQs

We designed our 7 step rug cleaning process to ensure your rugs are given the most thorough clean possible using the safest possible method for each individual rug. Your rugs will be lovingly rejuvenated and restored to their original beauty.
We don’t just take the dirt from the surface, we remove every last bit of soil from the entire rug, on both sides. Trust us to clean your oriental rugs carefully as well and carry out repairs to rugs where necessary. 

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"Such a pleasant surprise, these days, to discover a company that pays attention to the customer as well as the rug to be cleaned. Our rug is 100% white wool, carved and inset with “crewel” style stitching and is approximately 4-5 years old. Our contact was Troy who we met at their Cross Hands unit. He spent time with us to explain that the rug would first be assessed for any potential pre-existing problems (forwarded to us for approval prior to cleaning), what method of cleaning would be used and a timescale (very accurate). Troy was very knowledgeable and straightforward when talking about the type of rug we have, very informative and reassuring for us. We now have an “as new” rug, the cleaning exceeded our expectations. We thoroughly recommend Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration for its professional service along with the customer care they provide. Excellent."

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