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Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration's carpet maintenance plan

Give your carpets the longest life with us

It’s an extremely cost effective plan to keep your carpets looking their absolute best all year round. It has also proven to extend the natural life of your carpets by maintaining their quality, rather than having to have a restorative clean, when it is probably too late. We spread the costs of cleaning across the year rather than take one lump sum.

We will firstly do a full deep clean of your carpets at a heavily reduced rate, then a traffic area clean in six months’ time followed by a full wall to wall clean at the end of the year. We will also include a large can of our professional strength spot remover absolutely free as well as providing stain removal call outs throughout the year.

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What's involved?

As a thank you for coming on board our carpet maintenance, Perfect Care Plan, we will do a full wall to wall clean of all your carpets that are to be included in the plan at 50% off our standard protection package rate.

From there your maintenance plan will start and we will then take payments for your next full clean in 12 months time by direct debit.

What's included?

After your initial clean discounted by 50%:

  • 1 x traffic area clean (usually 6 months after your initial clean) of all the carpets on the Perfect Care Plan
  • 1 x large can of professional strength spot remover or stain extinguisher
  • 1 x full wall to wall clean at the end of the year
  • Free stain removal call outs throughout the period of your Perfect Care Plan
  • All for the cost of next year’s clean at this year’s prices spread over the course of a 12 month period

You can include as many carpets or upholstered items as you like within the plan and take advantage of the 50% introductory offer.
  • Improved appearance – our experts can restore even heavily soiled carpets 
  • Maintain the appearance of the premises
  • Improve the indoor air quality
  • Save the capital replacement budget
  • Get emergency call out service for those VIP visits
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''The service was excellent. We were very impressed with the quality and care the technicians took and we commended them on how quick the whole process was. The outcome was a lovely clean carpet with the colours standing out as if new. We will recommend you, and use you again.''

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